Joe May is a longtime champion of transportation innovations and solutions to reduce congestion, stabilize tolls, save taxpayers millions of dollars and improve the quality of life of Northern Virginians.

May was the driving force behind passage of the 2013 Transportation Bill that provided millions of dollars of transportation and infrastructure improvements and maintenance projects in the 33rd Senate District, including the project to widen and improve Belmont Ridge Road.

During his tenure as chairman of the Transportation Committee, May also spearheaded the creation of the Rural Rustic Roads policy which has saved taxpayers millions of dollars and enhanced the beauty of Virginia’s rural roadways by changing VDOT’s mowing practices.

May is also responsible for the Virginia DEQ’s RapidPass program that implemented roadside emissions testing, which has saved up to 30 percent of Virginia’s drivers from having to wait in line at testing centers for emissions inspections. Following the implementation of the program, AAA awarded May a lifetime achievement award.

As our senator, May will continue to develop innovative solutions to tackle our transportation challenges, save hardworking families time and save taxpayer dollars.

May has an innovative plan to stabilize tolls on the Dulles Greenway and stop the out-of-control toll hikes that are disproportionately hurting commuters and those on a fixed-income.

May will seek to revamp the vitality of the Virginia Transportation Accountability Commission to eliminate waste and ensure transportation projects are streamlined.

May will also seek to reintroduce the VDOT study of implementing Quiet Pavement, that can save millions of taxpayer dollars being spent to build expensive and unsightly roadside sound barriers.